Perhaps like you, I’m constantly amazed at the talent that lives on this planet. So many creative minds, inventing wonderful “things” that bring us happiness and joy, and that challenge our minds, even if only for a fleeting moment.

I love the feeling of an inner energy when I'm being creative and I've always kept notes and sketches on ideas ranging from business ventures to homeware designs and creative projects. Those myriad ideas never seem to materialise into anything more concrete (I get much more productive when I'm working for a paying client!) 

And so, I’m showcasing those brilliant creative minds that have followed through because I'm somewhat in awe of them. Those who have studied their craft, practiced until their fingers have bled, stayed up nights and worked through lunches and dinners, to bring their art to fruition in whatever form they have chosen. The people who work tirelessly to bring an idea to life, often for no other reason than that they have an inner drive and passion that won't let them rest.

The products and brands featured here have caught my eye initially due to their aesthetic, originality or simplicity. I then research them further via articles, media and customer reviews to understand their creators and origins. If they’re really special, we want to share them with you.

So please enjoy, admire, and support these amazing creatives through which ever way you choose.

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All the products and brands featured on this blog are here simply because we think there is something special about them; meaning they have not been paid for and are not affiliated with the brands or people mentioned in any way.

Amy is a marketing consultant, working with brands to generate unique promotional and content ideas.

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